The Road

The Road

A women stands on the edge of a cliff 

She looks up to the heavens” father I need a lift”

Then she falls to her knees and looks over the side

She looks down to the earth then up to the sky

“I am so tired, my body is worn

my shoes are mangled, battered and torn

 this road I’ve been on is rocky and hard

how did I make it this far?

I’ve traveled many a way

I don’t think I can make it another day.

Then there came a voice it was gentle and warm, it said to the women

“get up you must go on”

“I haven’t got the strength my legs are weak

my feet are bleeding this mountain is to steep”

“Don’t you know I’ve been here all along holding your hand

helping you be strong , you’ve climb many mountain this one is small

you’ll travel many more, you’ll stumbled and fall,

but I will always be with you, never will I leave your side

because you are my love, you are the reason I died


Get up, let’s finish this road”

He held out his hand the women took a hold

The road was ruff the mountain really steep

She climb up the side, hurting, wanting to weep

But each and every time she wanted to quit

His voice said; “you can do it

I’ve made you equipped.

you can make it to the top, you can do it, yes you can

I am standing next to you with my hand in your hand”


I made it up that mountain and yes it was hard

There were many times I said this is too far     

But his love carried me when I thought I would fail

He never left me pitiful and frail.

He gave me strength to make it though

So this is my advice to you

Climb that mountain, bloody feet and all

Believe in him and you’ll never let you fall

Hold on with battered hands and blinded eyes

Don’t look down continue to look to the sky

Remember this when and if there is nothing more

Remember he died to settle the score.