The Practice at a Glance

Individual Core Exploration: Time spent exploring and processing events in ones life. It is a time of self discovery and renewal. During individual self exploration clients are taken through the three steps of the practice leading to insight and a working model designed specifically for their life journey.

Mother Daughter Empowerment: These sessions are designed to bring about the healing and strengthening of the mother daughter relationship. An initial assessment is done to identify the needs for the relationship and all sessions are specifically tailored to meet their needs. The sessions are designed to be fun and interactive, yet inspiring and empowering.

Groups: Anger Management and self esteem groups: all groups are designed to be fun and interactive yet thought provoking and empowering.

Meditation/Relaxation: Meditation and relaxation is an important part of Up the Steps and is essential to moving through the steps. Up the Steps provides a Solitude Room designed for private and/or guided mediation and relaxation.

Mental Health Services



Life Adjustments


Family Conflict



Self Esteem